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Natural Mulches



 A mixture of Northern Hardwood bark and fibers that are processed to 3" or smaller for a very consistent look that is easy to spread.

MNDOT Type 5 Mulch, MNDOT TYPE 6 Mulch, SylvaMulch, Premium, Natural, Mulch, Minnesota


 Wood chips that are consistently sized for a long lasting traditional look.

 A bark mulch produced from Northern Hardwoods. Double processed for a very consistent size. It resists graying and decaying much longer than fiber based products.

SylvaBark Premium Nature Bark Mulch

Pine Bark Nuggets

Pine bark nuggets produced from Northern Pine species. Processed for consistent sizing. A popular choice for gardeners with acid loving plants and shrubs. 

SylvaChips Clean Wood Chips MN

Northern Cedar Mulch

A premium mulch that comes from the Boreal Forests of Northern Minnesota and Canada. This mulch is equally long lasting, beautiful, and more economical than its western counterpart.

Western Red Cedar

Our Western Red Cedar comes from the forest of British Columbia where the cedar has the best color.

Northern White Cedar Mulch

Premium Cedar Chips

Derived from the Boreal Forests of Northern Minnesota. This mulch is equally long lasting, beautiful, and more economical than Western Red Cedar counterpart - available in Chip form. 

Western Red Cedar MN

Cypress Mulch

 A long lasting mulch from the Southern United Sates. Orange-brown, or golden in color with a very fine texture similar to triple shredded hardwood Mulch.

Cypress Mulch MN