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Sylva Corporation, Inc. is a manufacturer and wholesaler of Bulk Mulch, Bagged Mulch, Bagged Soil, and SoftStep® Engineered Wood Fiber. Established in 1997, Sylva Corporation, Inc. is a family-owned business and innovator in the forest products industry in the midwest region. Sylva has a specialized fleet of equipment to ensure safe, timely deliveries for its products. The Sylva team is dedicated to grinding, screening, chipping, bagging, and trucking to meet the fast-paced needs of its customers during their critical selling season.

Sylva's direct link to Minnesota's natural resources ensures a consistent, uninterrupted supply. That, joined with its modern storage, production, and transportation capabilities, allows it to provide the highest quality products to our clients when and where they are needed. Sylva's products are available through distributors in the Metro area and throughout the Midwest. With the widest selection of products and the most brilliant colors available on the market, it is no wonder that Sylva is the preferred vendor for many Wholesalers, Premier Garden Centers, Nurseries, and Landscapers throughout the region.

Premium Quality Mulch Starts Here

Premium Quality Mulch Starts Here

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