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Bagged Mulch & Soil

Sylva's line of bulk mulches and soils are also available in bags, which makes for convenient and efficient transport and installation for the end user. 

To ensure that our bagged products match our bulk in quality, color, and consistency, Sylva locally produces and packages its bags to assure product freshness.

Sylva bags are sold in palletized form and multiple timely delivery options are available to help you manage your cash flow and inventory.

You can also find Sylva products in bagged form from many of our Premier Dealers. 

Midnight Bag.png
Mink Bag.png
Acorn Bag.png
SylvaBrown Bag.png
Red Canyon Shredded Bag.png
Autumn Blaze Bag.png
Red Canyon Standard Bag.png
SylvaCedar Bag.png
Goldenrod Shredded Bag.png
Goldenrod Standard Bag.png
SylvaMulch Bag.png
SylvaChips Bag.png
Western Red Cedar Bag.png
Northern Cedar Mulch Bag.png
Cedar Chips Bag.png
Northern Mulch and Cypress Bag.png
Pine Bark Bag.tif
TopsoilBag-Rough Edge.png
Compost Plus Manure Bag-2020.png
Cow Pie Compost Bag Image.png
Pine Bark Mini Bag Image.png

Pallet Specs:

65 bags per pallet, 2 cubic feet per bag: Midnight™, Mink™, Acorn™, SylvaBrown™, Red Canyon™, Goldenrod™, SylvaCedar™, Autumn Blaze™,  SylvaMulch™, SylvaChips™, Northern Cedar Chips, Western Red Cedar, and Cypress.

70 bags per pallet, 2 cubic feet per bag:5 * Colored Mulch,  Northwoods and Cypress Blend and Pine Bark.

70 bags per pallet, .75 cubic feet per bag: All Sylva soils.

For more information on our products offered in bag, please click and visit these pages:

Colored     Natural     Soils

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