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Blow-In Mulch Installation

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Sylva is your partner for installation services by providing the option for a blown-in installation of Sylva mulches. This service has been adopted by a variety of our customers as an additional, often times, lower-cost option for getting mulch into a jobsite.

We can install up to 90 cubic yards of material in an hour. We focus on partnering with our customers, landscape maintenance professionals, and playground equipment suppliers so you can keep your crews on more valuable tasks.

Save Time & Money

With our service being multiple times faster than traditional labor, with quick clean-ups and more efficient equipment costs, it’s no wonder we’re your Value Leader for installation services.

Certified, Safe & Insured

SoftStep® EWF is IPEMA Certified to pass CPSC standards passing ASTM 1292, 1951 and 2075 standards for fall height safety, truthful and honest ADA compliance, and product purity.  

Sylva carries full insurance, and out crew is trained to safely operate equipment and install all of our mulch, soil, and compost materials.

We Leave No Trace

Skipping the heavy equipment means less wear and tear on your lawn or landscape areas. Skipping the extras saves us time, you the headache and both of us - dollars.  

 If it wasn’t for the vast improvement of your landscape, you’d wonder if we were even there. 


Our laser scan equipment ensures that you receive the correct quantity ordered direct from our manufacturing facility. Our skilled crew ensures a sharp and fresh look. Your satisfaction is our #1 Priority. 


Our service allows for quick and simple installation in hard-to-reach places like steep berms, behind buildings and on non-traditional and difficult landscape areas. Even on green roofing!

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